What our clients say about Style House means a lot to us.

Erin & Chris


Creativity was the biggest draw to Style House, Chris and His team took the time to understand our wedding, and then take the images over the top

Alex & RJ


Having the post bridal shoot was amazing, it added a magazine feel to our wedding, we shot on so many locations I could not be happier!

Melissa & Todd


Jim, Chris & Michelle, WOW! I can't believe the pictures, more than I ever expected, you took so much time and captured everything I could have imagined!

Kristen & Dustin


Amazing! We love the pictures, we searched for a photographer, and after talking with you we knew you were the studio for us!

Macey & David


From the engagement, wedding and Post bridal, the images were amazing, We're so excited to look through the amazing album you built and relive that day! Thank You!

Brittany & David


We love every picture, and then when we saw the post bridal pictures, you blew us away! We're so glad Style House photographed our wedding!

Wedding Photographer, Columbus, Ohio

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Julian & Toblin


We knew we had to have amazing pictures of our wedding, and  Chris & Jim went so far beyond amazing, we were so happy! 

Chrissy & Daniel


Choosing a photographer was hard, until we met Chris & Jim, they took the time to get to know us! and what we liked and didn't, the pictures turned our so good!

Jessica & Cameron


We wanted something simple but classic, having a team of photographers made all the difference.  Knowing that Chris & Jim were both covering the wedding made the difference!

Maria & Michael


I had to have amazing images, they needed to look like something out of a magazine! If you need a reason to book Style House, One Word! Post Bridal Session! Amazing dosen't even cover it!

Sarah & Dex


Amazing Pictures, we love them! There were so many to choose from made it so hard to build the album.

Leslie and Paul


St. Thomas made the perfect backdrop for our wedding, Style House gave us everything and more! I love every image!and can't wait for the Album!

Allison & Clayton


Hands down the best photography option out there, stop looking and  immediately book the Style House! Chris and team were amazing from the  first conversation through the entire process! I cannot say enough great  things about how knowledgeable they were and how comfortable they made  us feel, not to mention the amazing photos we received that beautifully  captured every perfect moment. International award winning photographers  and a post wedding shoot, what more can you ask for?!

Justin & Amanda


My husband cannot thank Chris, Jim and Michelle enough for our AMAZING  wedding photos! Not only did we receive close to 2,000 photos from our  wedding, we practically loved every single one of them. They are so  professional and do an amazing job keeping the day running smoothly and  sticking to a timeline. If you are looking for the best wedding  photographer around with extremely reasonable pricing, Style House is  the way to go!

Stephanie & Travis


We cannot say enough good things about Style House, so much so that my sister is using them for her wedding next year, we can't wait to see our album!

Tonya & Levi


David & Nicole


The most amazing pictures, I could not have asked for more, Chris and his team did an amazing job! I would recommend them over anyone!

Mollie & Brandn


We had so much fun on our engagement session in Cleveland, Chris spent the entire day with us on multiple locations, it was amazing, and the pictures were fantastic!

Katie & Charles


I tell everyone of my friends, you need to talk to Chris about wedding photography, we are so happy and got our pictures in a week!  And did you see the post bridal images! OMG!

Robin & Jacob


WOW! we had our wedding images in a week! and they were amazing! Chris & Michelle did a fantastic job! I would recommend them to anyone one getting married!

Katie & Warren


Chris and Jim were amazing, capturing our wedding, the images were amazing I can't say enough good things about them!

Nicole & Evan


Over 4000 Amazing Images! and they were done in 2 weeks! It was such a crazy day but the Style House team made it flow so smoothly!

Tina & Rick


The Style House team traveled to Nashville to cover my wedding, I was blown away by the number of images I got and how fast we received them. They were amazing and the Post Bridal session was the best part!

Alex & David


St. Thomas made for the perfect location for our wedding, Chris and his team did everything to capture the most amazing images including handing off a balcony to get the perfect shot.  If your getting married you need to hire style house