Meet the Style House Team

 Our photography team is focused on providing you with a full StyleHouse Experience. Our team will start by helping create a custom package that fits your individual needs and desires. We will assist you in planning your wedding day photography by giving you some “best practice” ideas based on our 100+ years of experience. When we cover your event, we will capture each moment with our artistic vision. Finally, we will deliver you an artistic product worthy of the Style House brand.   

Christopher Stets Master Cr. Photog. C.P.P.


Christopher Stets has been a working photographer for over 30 years, some of his notable clients have included: John Major, Lech Walesa, Melissa Etheridge, H. Ross Perot, Pink Floyd, Jack Nicklaus, Creed, Kings of Leon, 7th Cycle, Barb Wire Dolls, Veri.Live, Spin Magazine, Sports Illustrated, The Columbus Crew, Golf Magazine and others. In 1998-1999 Christopher won the Photographer of the year, and clinched a Fuji Masterpiece award, he’s also won 4 Kodak Gallery awards. In April of 2013 Christopher’s photo of Isis Queen of the Barb Wire Dolls was featured on the covers of 34 magazines world wide, and 61 Newspapers throughout the US, including a show at Andy Warhol’s gallery 320, “I’ve been very blessed to have so many people exposed to my work, and to have been featured at such a high profile gallery was amazing” says Christopher.

Jim Schwarz Master Photog. C.P.P.


With over 40 years in Wedding Photography, Jim brings a traditional point of view to his photography, Having photographed over 1500 weddings personally, his experience is undeniable, His work has been featured in magazines worldwide, 

Michelle Wayt C.P.P.


Michelle Wayt is a photojournalist based on Columbus, Ohio. In late 2009 she started capturing images of local bands and charity events, It quickly evolved into love for photography and her business grew, Her business eventually branched out into several areas including Seniors, Families, Children’s to Weddings. Michelle has captured images of some of the countries hottest rock bands it was her love for music that developed her passion live music photography and capturing unique images that keep you coming back., Over the last 8 years Michelle has been Chris' assistant on all the major shoots, Her talents have grown and now is one of the lead photographers of Style House.  Her talent extends far beyond just the photo studio.

Lisa Binns


Lisa has been hiding behind a camera as long as she can remember and she
grew up dreaming of being a National Geographic photographer. Sadly, real
life got in her way and she found herself working in advertising and then owning
a consulting business instead. But in the end, that career path diversion has
revealed itself to really just be a means of supporting her addiction…which
is photographing animals.  She's been as assistant on some of the biggest studio sessions, and brings a unique photo journalistic style to weddings.

Brittany Hawkins


Hi I’m Brittany, the girl behind
the Lens. I’m a 30 year old wife and mother of two wild children. You will never catch me falling without a coffee (with those sleepless nights or early mornings). I workout very regularly and am working towards my goal of competing. I’m a Harry Potter, Wine drinking and food lover. I’m always up for a challenge or an adventure. Music feeds my soul and I love meeting new people. I don’t let things get to me that are out of my control and I try to laugh every chance I get. I love everything about photography and I look forward to meeting you and capturing all your amazing stories from the heart!