30 Days to a Better Wedding Photography Business


30 Days To a better Wedding Photography Business Book

About the Book

For over thirty years I have been blessed with the opportunities

to photograph some of the most amazing couples, being a

wedding photographer is not only an art but you become part

of that couples wedding day, this is an amazing opportunity to

show how talented you are. In this book I’m going to teach you

some of the best practices that have allowed me to sustain a

photography business when my competiton is closing, we will

look at everything you need to set up and run your business,

from start to markteting and everything in the middle.

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Were about to go on a 30 day journey,

and at the end your going to have

all my 30+ years of knowledge and

understanding of how to be successful

in the Wedding Photography business

the rest is up to you!

30 Days to a Better Wedding Photography Business

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30 Days to a Better Wedding Photography Business

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40 Must have Bride and Groom Poses

Bride and groom poses are a very important part of the wedding photoshoot, though many 

amateur photographers don’t prepare any poses at all thinking about lifestyle photos. Even if you 

know everything about lighting, equipment and photo editing, but your posing ideas are poor, 

it may badly influence your wedding photography clients’ list.

Since a wrong pose can make the beautiful couple look absolutely clumsy or awkward, and otherwise, the right wedding 

poses can help you hide different defects and take a magnificent wedding picture.

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