Frequent Asked Questions


Wedding Day FAQ's

Q) Do you mind if our family members take photos at the wedding and reception?

A)  Of course not! Tell Uncle Fred to snap away all he wants! We will  never tell your family to put their cameras away and their flashes won’t  bother us in the least.

Q) We have a break in between our ceremony and our reception. Can we break up our hours?

A)  Our basic package includes 8 consecutive hours of coverage, which means  even if there is a break, we’ll only be on the clock for 8 hours. If  you need additional hours, you can add them on to your package for $350  per hour.

Q) What if our reception runs later than we expected? Can you stay ‘til the very end to capture our grand exit?

A)  Of course we can! If we stay more than 30 minutes late, though, you  will be billed for overtime and no proofs will be posted until the  overtime has been paid in full. Our hourly rate for overtime is the same  as our pre-paid rate for extra hours ($350 per hour.) 

Wedding Package FAQ's

Q) Can I make prints from the images in my online album? Can I edit my images?

A)  Absolutely! All the photos in your online album are high resolution,  edited and ready to print. You can make prints anywhere you’d like and  we’ll give you a list of places we recommend.  Please do not edit your images, as it is in  violation of copyright laws. 

Q) Can I drop a few hours from my package to save some cash?

A)  You can drop hours, but it won’t save you anything, UNLESS you’re  getting married on a weekday. Weekends (especially Saturdays) are prime  dates for us, so we very rarely accept bookings for less than five hours  on Saturdays. If you’re getting married on an off-day and are only  looking for a few hours, email us for a custom quote, specific to your  wedding needs.

Q) Can I upgrade my package later on during the year?

A) Of course you can! Many of our clients will book our Basic Coverage and upgrade closer to their wedding date. 

Q) How long before we get to see our wedding photos?

A) Our normal production time for ‘Sneak Peeks’ is within a day or two and is uploaded to our Facebook Page, If you are a fan of our page and our Facebook Friend  we will be tagging you in our posts! All digital galleries are ready  for our clients viewing pleasure within 3-4 weeks from your wedding day! 

Q) Do you travel? I saw that you are destination photographers, how does that work?

A)  We LOVE to travel. Pretty pretty please give us a reason to go on a  road trip or jet set to another country! Destination weddings are  custom-quoted to your specific needs, so please contact us with your destination wedding information today! 

Booking and Payment FAQ's

Q) We definitely want to book you! What’s the next step?A)  We’re excited to work with you! To officially book us, you’ll  have to sign your wedding agreement and pay a non-refundable  retainer of $500. As soon as those two things are in, your date is reserved.

Q) Do we need to meet face to face before booking you?

 A)  Yes we need to meet somehow. We are looking for amazing couples to work  with. Contact Style House  and we will schedule time for a coffee.  

Q) It might take us a couple of months to get the booking fee saved up. Can you pencil us in?

A)  Unfortunately, no, we can’t. The only way to reserve your date with us  is to sign a contract and pay the booking fee. Because we frequently  have more than one inquiry for each open wedding date, our policy is to  book the first couple who sends us the booking fee and the signed  wedding agreement. 

Q) Can we make monthly payments?

A)  Definitely! Let us know when you book that you’d like to set up a  monthly payment plan to pay your balance and we’ll hook you up!

Q) When is our remaining balance due?

A)  Your remaining balance is due 15 days before your wedding date. A  reminder will be sent out via email to help keep you on track. If your  final payment is late, a late fee will be charged, so mark it on your  calendar!

Q) Can we pay our final payment after the wedding?

A)  The only payments that can be made after the wedding are product  payments. The rest of your package must be paid no later than 15 days  before your wedding.

Q) Can I pay with a credit card? 

A) Sure! We invoice clients using square invoices! Just an fyi though, all online payments incur a 2.7% convenience fee. 

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